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. >> the tracks are not a safe environment for anything other than a bart train. we have a thousand votes electricity coursing through the third rail. that is why we have the yellow strips on the platform to make sure people stay behind those. is just not safe to get near the tracks. you want to just get on your training go on your way. >> in this case muni dealing with someone who did not do that fell off the catwalk and one on to the track and was struck by a train. >> and jim allison not peproviding information. >> decision to play 12 we are four days away now from the election. voters in california will be weighing in on the presidential election but also high profile propositions on the ballot. >> let's start with the presidential election. we can't take a look here and see what we saw on the last election the west in the northeast and obama as camp. california and new york new england states and the nation's midsection we're seeing a lot of delegates for taxes going for mitt romney. there's a lot of great area especially pennsylvania ohio and florida. pennsylvania seems again presen
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1